Classic Home Design

Summer cottage of the 19th century was the major trends of his day. And to renovate this building, it takes the soul of art that should offset the impression of a classic without destroying it. This is done with a Polhemus Savery DaSilva. It's a tough task in their journey toward perfection. The house was enlarged to make room for large family houses and all property. The property include ceramic art, art works, antique collection and so forth. Georgian architecture influenced the new facade, the concept of an average house around three sides of a page that formal large. This page does not have a circular path, can be accessed under a closed bridge that connects the wing to the original. This cottage built a new garage and living room television. Part of kitchen equipment using classic design but with modern technology. Section bathrooms have the same impression, still using the classic style but modern.


House Beautiful At Casa Martins Siquiera

We have discussed the design house of Frederico Zanelato some time ago and now we show others the beautiful designs of the architect of Brazil this. Casa Martins Siquiera weekend retreat designed for the architect and the family. Located near Sao Paulo, the home is built with modern style to maximize views of Serra do Japi but minimize the impact of the sun. Front area is almost entirely closed to outdoor to maintain privacy, but in the back yard was opened wide to the private pool. Basement is made with a single floor plan used for the living room / dining room and kitchen. There are also four beds in this house which is located to the left of the hallway. Service area and a private office located on the right aisle. In addition to a beautiful pool and spacious terrace, the house is also equipped with a small yard to allow the morning sun slip away into the room.

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