Travertine Tile Interior Pictures Design

Travertine Tile Interior Pictures Design
Travertine tile is one of the easier tiles to clean because it involves relatively simple processes and bars the use of most industrial cleaners. While travertine is a stone, it is not as dense or hard as some other stones commonly used for the same purposes, like granite. It is sensitive to acidic substances which can cause stains even if it is sealed.

he introduction of minerals during its formation gives travertine its many colors. These minerals can give it anything from an ivory, cream, beige and walnut to gold color. Red travertine tiles are due to iron compounds. Cement or synthetic resins will cover any pores on travertine tiles. They may also be left unfilled to have a distinguished, unpolished appearance. The beauty of travertine tiles has captured many homes today and most of the time they use it in different parts of the home to create a beautiful and fabulous ambience inside the home.

Actually falling somewhere between marble and limestone in terms of its development over thousands of years. Travertine is formed by subterranean springs, underground rivers, and other water sources. These water sources carry mineral elements such as calcium carbonate that build up over long periods of time in the same way stalactites and stalagmites in caves are formed.

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