Are Our Public Officials Blind?

I have to disclose that the above pictures were taken yesterday around 3:00 PM. WHY, because the prices keep changing sometimes by the hour.

That being said, most of you see and know what the price of gas is on Rt. 13 either at the north or south ends of Salisbury. If gas prices are REGULATED, why are these stations $ .20 to $ .25 cents per gallon higher?

I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday who was blown away that Sam's Club was $ .25 cents per gallon less than what he was paying. He lives towards the west side of town. He also has a 35 gallon tank in his vehicle. That's a $8.75 saving per tank full.

We elect these politicians to PROTECT and SERVE, yet what are we really getting? At the price of gas per gallon, I personally believe its time they do their job and stop this out of control practice.

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