Huntington Hospital...Quack Doctors Teyan Ovsepyan & Gregor Paronian guilty of malpractise! Incompetent Nurses Violate Patient Rights!

Huntington Hospital
(A Memorial for those who died here!)

With a nod to documentarian Michael Moore (SiCKO) - once again - I shed a searing spotlight on a medical facility on the West Coast that is not only an outright disgrace to the profession but to the community-at-large.

At Huntington Hospital, for instance, two doctors by the name of - Tevan Ovsepyan and Gregor Paronian - are currently masquerading as professionals in medical environs in the tony enclave otherwise known as upscale Pasadena (CA).

The truth of the matter?

Both physcians (I used the term loosely) are incompetent quacks; in fact - so much so - that their acts of negligence rise to the level of malpractice.

For example, neither doctor is skilled (or trained) well enough to properly diagnose an infected (ailing) patient.

In fact, boh Ovsepyan and Paronian, would have trouble treating the common cold (given the rumors that have been whispered in my ear).

Patients have complained that they were admitted to the disreputable hospital, and their insurance carriers billed (bilked) thousands of dollars, then - released - without any resolution to their medical problems!

"Take an aspirin over-the-counter," one incompetent M.D. (Tevan Ovsepan) recommended to a startled patient bent over in excruciating pain.

A visit to another hospital, for a second opinion, resulted in therapy for a serious infection which lasted over five days for the bedridden "Ovsepyan" victim.

Paronian, on the other hand, found it so difficult writing a prescription that a Nurse on duty (with all the charisma of a slug) was forced to rewrite the order legibly for the arrogant shit (so that the pharmacist could fathom the troubling scrawl).

By the way, the document was rejected by the pharmacy in the end scenario, because the odd-ball slip of paper (and its bizarre contents) did not meet the standards necessary to pass muster upon close scrutiny.

Notwithstanding, the dumpy low-energy nurses at Huntington Hospital, leave a lot to be desired too.

Patients are often left hungry, because the lazy nurses on duty, are often off gossipping with their fellow workers or outside puffing on a cancer stick.

When the issue was raised, the poor-excuse for a Nurse passed the buck, naturally (her name was Kim).

During the course of a two-day stay one patient lamented that his sheets were not changed once.

Can you guess?

The waste can was left to spoil and spill out ominous aromas that could have felled a healthy elephant in one nasty swoop.

I surmise that the maintenance worker was downtown at INS trying to secure his legal papers.


The Staff at Huntington have difficulty with the King's English, too.

Unhappy patients were often left without - due to communication problems with staffers - who couldn't converse effectively (or just didn't care about the well-being of their charges).

Poor shits!

Meals are usually served cold and tasteless.

And, If you're lucky, the waitress might fill your coffee cup to the half-way mark.

But, don't count on it.

If you're pining for creamer, sorry kiddo, you'll have to gulp it down black.

They're a stingy unsophisticated low-class lot low-lifes at Huntington to be sure.

One patient was discharged without any improvement in his care - and in the final analysis - felt like he was kicked out because his time clock was up.l

A nurse fessed up.

"Another patient is already slated to move into the Hospital room."

In spite of the fact the coffin-sized cold-water flat was not cleaned, or sanitized, or what-have-you.

An individual may actually exit the premises plagued with a host of uglier infections than when he or she first ventured in.

In a nutshell, Huntington is a bloody nightmare and a cesspool of disease.

A shoddy excuse for a healing facility.

A word of Saintly advice?

Avoid this dump like the plague.

And, of course, report the doctors who terrorize the patients here to the State Medical Board.

You just might save a life or two in the process!

News at 11!

Two Turds transformed into work of art at Huntington!

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