MDGOP Statement On Kasemeyer, O’Malley’s Plan To Raise Taxes

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland Republican Party Chairman Alex X. Mooney issued the following statement today in response to Senator Edward Kasemeyer, Chairman of the powerful Budget Committee, announcing he and Governor O’Malley believe ‘we’ve got to tax more things,’ at a legislative wrap-up session:
“In these difficult times we need Democrats in Annapolis to cut their binge spending instead of continually reaching into the pockets of hard working Marylanders.  The notion that the same Maryland Democrats who passed a budget that borrows and spends an extra billion dollars just last week, would now consider sweeping new tax hikes is adding insult to injury to struggling Maryland taxpayers.  As one of the most taxed states in the nation, Maryland’s deficit isn’t the result of insufficient revenues, it’s caused by the Democrats addiction to borrowing, spending, and irresponsible budgeting.  All Marylanders including the over 200,000 citizens who remain unemployed under O’Malley’s watch, have had to trim their family budgets in order to make ends meet and it’s time for Democrats in Annapolis to do the same with the state budget.
“I call on Governor O’Malley to state whether he agrees with Senator Kasemeyer that ‘another year of belt tightening,’ means ‘taxing more things’ Marylanders try to buy.  O’Malley’s rhetoric and campaign statements would have you believe he would disagree, but his record of historic tax and fee hikes means Marylanders are in for another round of Democrats attempting to pick their pockets during the fall special session.  Voters should beware and get active.”

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