No Season? Money Back For Ravens Fans, But Not 'Skins

WASHINGTON - Football fans with season tickets to the Redskins or the Ravens will need to make their ticket payments on time, but if the season is canceled because of league's labor dispute, Ravens fans will get their money back plus interest. That's not true for 'Skins fans.
The Washington Examiner reports that Redskins owner Dan Snyder could earn more than $1 million in interest payments this summer. A fan who spends nearly $12,000 a season on tickets tells the Examiner he feels trapped, because he doesn't want to lose his seats. Another said Snyder has a history of "exploiting" the team's strong fan base, and Snyder can get away with it because fans fear not being able to get season tickets again.
Most teams are requiring fans to stick to their payments schedule if they want to hold onto your season tickets.

The Ravens have guaranteed fans their money back with 1 percent interest if the season is canceled.


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