On Sunday, April 24, 2011, at approximately 1:15 a.m., Ocean City Police responded to the area of Somerset Street and Atlantic Avenue for a fight in progress. They located two men who told officers that they had been the victims of an assault. According to the victims, they had been approached and then attacked by a group of men. One of the suspects also stole a wallet and cell phone from one of the victims.

After receiving a description from the victims, Ocean City Police located six of the suspects in two vehicles in the area of 54th Street and Coastal Highway. Officers stopped the vehicles and identified the suspects as:

• Robert Algernon Hill, 20, of Camden, DE
• Jamera Ebon Fisher, 19, of Dover, DE
• Julian Dominique Freeman, 22, of Dover, DE
• D’Andrew Jamar Chandler, 18, of Dover, DE
• Duante Markes Morrison, 18, of Magnolia, DE
• Craig Tyrone Powell, 25, of Dover, DE

The victims positively identified Hill, Fisher, Freeman, Chandler, Morrison and Powell as the same individuals who had attacked them. In addition, during the traffic stop Ocean City Police located a handgun and marijuana in the vehicle. Hill, Fisher, Freeman, Chandler, Morrison and Powell were arrested and transported to the Public Safety Building.

At approximately 3:39 a.m., Ocean City Police located a third vehicle carrying three additional suspects in the assault. Officers stopped the vehicle at 21st Street and Baltimore Avenue and identified the suspects as:

• Randall Eugene Harris, 18, of Dover, DE
• Keontre Lamar Hynson, 18, of Dover, DE
• Zamale Razeek Ameer Bull, 19, of Harrington, DE

After being positively identified by the victims, Harris, Hynson and Bull were arrested and transported to the Public Safety Building.

In all, nine men were arrested and charged with two counts of assault in the first degree and two counts of assault in the second degree. In addition to the assault charges, Chandler was charged with possession of a firearm, handgun in a vehicle, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia, and Morrison was charged with handgun on person and handgun
in vehicle. Hill was also charged with robbery, one count of theft less than $1,000 and two counts of theft less than $100.
After being seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner, all nine suspects were transferred to Worcester County Jail on the following bonds:

• Robert Algeron Hill held on a $25,000 bond
• Jamera Ebon Fisher held on a $20,000 bond
• Julian Dominique Freeman held on a $20,000 bond
• D’Andrew Jamar Chandler held on a $25,000 bond
• Duante Markes Morrison held on a $25,000 bond
• Craig Tyrone Powell held without bond
• Randall Eugene Harris held on a $20,000 bond
• Keontre Lamar Hynson held on a $20,000 bond
• Zamale Razeek Ameer Bull held without bond

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