Speed Cameras Coming to Salisbury

Speed camera legislation passed the Salisbury City Council last night by a unanimous vote.  Upon the signature of Mayor Jim Ireton, the measure will allow the Salisbury City government to increase revenue in the name of public safety.

Salisbury’s police chief, Barbara Duncan, will determine the placement of the cameras near schools.  After 30 days of usage (during which warnings will be issued), any vehicle photographed exceeding 12 miles over the posted school zone speed limit will be issued a ticket.  According to the ordinance, fines are not to exceed $100.  While the ordinance does not specify, speed camera summonses are not subject to points on the owner’s driving record.

The cameras will be in operation Monday – Friday from 6AM – 8PM.  When asked by councilman Tim Spies, Chief Duncan was not clear as to how the system would work on week days when school was not in session or as to why the cameras would operate in the hours after school children had gone home.

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