Why Trump Has Already Won

Running for president may cost nearly $1 billion, but merely mulling a White House run can be awfully profitable.

As the political and business worlds collectively weigh the seriousness of what many see as a publicity stunt, Donald Trump’s larger-than-life brand is only growing larger.

If he opts to drop out of the running to be the GOP standardbearer, Trump will have pulled off a brilliant use of free advertising.

Trump, 64, who Forbes estimates is worth $2.7 billion, is everywhere these days. He’s dropping by for chats with Bill O’Reilly, visiting the ladies of " The View" and even appearing on the "Today Show." Each outspoken appearance creates headlines, fuels more buzz about his potential candidacy and reinforces his image.

To be sure, only Trump knows what his true intentions are. He may yet announce he is in fact making a run in the wide-open GOP race to unseat President Obama in 2012. But the smart money says that's not happening.

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