Do You Own An Electric Car, Charge Up For FREE!

More so on the western shore, electric stations to charge up your vehicle are popping up faster than most know. In fact, many of your Park & Ride areas already have charging systems installed.

However, here's the cool part. What you didn't know as a Maryland Taxpayers is, you are completely welcome to pull in and charge your vehicle for FREE. Heck, there are even some shopping centers where the state has come in and installed these systems but there are no charges when you do so.

So if you happen to wonder just where your tax dollars are going, well, you better line up and buy one of these vehicles and take advantage of the FREE ride. Remember, Democrats are lining up for their FREE ride before enough Republicans complain and the cat gets out of the bag.

Don't believe me, (since you've NOT heard about this anywhere else) call the Governor's Office and see.

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