So What REALLY Happened At Wor-Wic Last Week

Last week we published a question HERE about a 23 year long employee being escorted out of Wor-Wic Community College. The article/question produced quite a few comments but today Salisbury News will reveal the TRUTH about what's going on.

Amanda Trego has worked for Wor-Wic for the past 23 years. Amanda graduated college with 2 BS Degrees in 4 years. Two years later she received her first Masters Degree and ultimately she earned two Masters Degrees. Amanda was considered one of the top 5 most valuable employees at Wor-Wic.

After 20+ years Amanda unfortunately started having health issues and this past March Wor-Wic actually put her on probation because of her medical conditions.

Last week they did not fire or terminate Amanda, Wor-Wic simply chose NOT to renew her contract, mainly due to her having to go see specialists. We're told that Wor-Wic, (rather than supporting a 23 year long dedicated employee) chose her medical leave and condition was too much for them to handle.

OK, so why the big deal, right.  Well, it turns out, Wor-Wic SELF INSURES their employees. Amanda was supposed to go see a specialist in Washington, D.C. for her condition, (which is quite serious) but because they would not give her the leave to do so, she has ignored her Doctors request. Keep in mind, there are NO specialists on the Eastern Shore that can handle her condition. I do know her condition but IMHO its private and I will not share such information here.

Nevertheless, Amanda is clearly a well educated person and based on the fact that someone LEAKED her being escorted out of War-Wic, I felt it extremely important to let every one know the whole truth about what's going on. Amanda has given her life to Wor-Wic. No matter the weather condition, Amanda has always been on call. The list of accolades goes on and on about this woman.

Over the past several years Wor-Wic has hired different leaders to run things out there and from what we're told, this new one is a real doozy. Its all about the money. Its all about employers asking their employees to dedicate their lives for large profits, yet when it comes to the health of the employee, screw them, let them go and move on. My Wife experienced a similar situation with former Mayor Barrie Tilghman and her 18 years on the job with the Salisbury Zoo. She herniated three disks in her back, (ON THE JOB) and she was terminated.

So I feel for Amanda Trego. Rather than ANYONE ever thinking Amanda was let go for ANY other reason, I want this Post to serve as the TRUTH and what Wor-Wic is capable of.

If ANY of you have more scoop on the new Boss at Wor-Wic, feel free to forward that information to and we'll provide yet another article down the road. I've already started a decent file on this woman.

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