Indonesia ready to produce radars

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) said it was ready to produce radars following a successful series of try-outs in the Sunda Strait last year, an official said Friday.

Masyuri Wahab of LIPI’s radar research team hoped that Indonesian government would use this technology to enhance Indonesian security system.

“By buying the products, the government gave appreciation and supported the work of local researchers,” said Masyuri, as quoted by

LIPI claims that the radar technology, known as Indonesian Sea Radar (ISRA), is equal to foreign radar technology.

For a massive production of this technology, LIPI has signed a contract with PT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia (INTI), a state owned telecommunication equipment production company.

As a maritime country, Indonesia needs advanced technology to monitor maritime zone security.

Research and Technology Minister Suharna Surapranata said earlier that Indonesia needs no less than 800 radars to secure the zone.

The ministry, however, relies on foreign products, as Indonesia lacked of the technology.

To develop the domestic radar industry, LIPI spent five years and Rp 4 billion (US$ 464 million). “Now we are ready to produce our own radar,” he said, adding that an entire production process would be done in Indonesia.

LIPI conducted several trials in the Sunda Strait. “We planted three radars in different places to monitor sea traffic. The result was good,” he said.

ISRA rotated 40 times per minute in every direction. The machine optimally identified objects along 22 kilometers, although the furthest coverage could reach 64 kilometers. “It could detect objects from a distance of three kilometers,” he said.


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