Lindsay Lohan...Mafia made offer Director couldn't refuse! Gotti tale to lens soon!


Well - there has been quite a flurry of frenzied industry and media attention around Lindsay Lohan over the past few days - in an arena where the sultry drug-adled actress aches for recognition!

The off-again on-again casting of Ms. Lohan in the John Gotti film bio has caused quite a few tongues to wag!

Wouldn't you agree?

Initially, the rumors circulated that the nose-candy taster- oh, so extraordinaire - might have been too much of an insurance risk for the brass at the studio to handle in the throes of her troubles with the long arm of the law.

If you're a Lindsay Lohan fan - or, even not, for that matter - then you're probably familiar with the ongoing saga (of soap opera proportions) that has dragged on in respect to the Gotti project.

Will she or won't she?

Play the role, silly!

The latest word from the director's chair is "yes". Well, sort of.

Although she wasn't cast in the challenging part she pined for, Lindsay will be using her considerable acting chops to carve out a niche for herself in a lesser role on the Gotti project.

Initially, the inexperienced auteur nixed bringing the "Mean Girls" star on board, on the grounds that Ms. Lohan's handlers were making too many demands on behalf of the sexpot.

But, in the end scenario, he capitulated.

Did some goon make him an offer he couldn't refuse?


There may have been some strings pulled behind-the-scenes - by Gotti's "people" - just betcha!

Think about it!

Last week, when John Travolta appeared on a night-time talk show to plug the flick, a few pertinent details slipped from his lips unexpectedly.

When asked if Lindsay was slated to play a role, the "Hairspray" star responded in no uncertain terms.

Not only was the frequent jailbird right for the part - the fact she grew up with the "Gotti's" - might factor in.

Did the Director wake up one morning with the head of his prize-winning horse on the pillow next to his nose totally out-of-whack?

News at 11!

Type casting?

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