Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel

With the exploration of Block Cepu, many newcomers to the business or other come to town Cepu. It was to be encouraging the emergence of inns, hotels, or places of entertainment. Until now, the number of hotels in Cepu has more than 10 places to number more than 200 rooms and more than 400 beds. One of them, which is classified as a four star is Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel Cepu. The hotel is established since 2003.
Hotel is located at Ronggolawe St.No.103 Cepu - Central Java - Indonesia has the motto: "STAY WITH US." It has 99 rooms that are ready to serve and satisfy customers or guests staying at the hotel.

With a four star hotel as it is called of course there are various facilities including: Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Salon, Ballroom, Spa and Massage, Pub and Cafe, Meeting Room and Fitness Centre. In addition there are additional facilities: Karaoke, Forest Gardent, Music Room, Laundry, Cable TV, Free Wifi and Rent A Car. If you want to join please visit the official website :
Tel: +62296421275 (Hunting)
Fax: +62296424541

Photo Galerry Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel Cepu :

Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel at Night

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